Brittany Smith, LCSW, CEDS

Psychotherapy for Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorder Assessment and Diagnosis: This session is typically a question and answer interview to assess what brings you to treatment.  We will outline your goals and objectives and determine if outpatient therapy is appropriate for your situation.  For clients under 18, a parent must be present to give consent.
Individual Psychotherapy: Solution-Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods are utilized to bring about the quickest, most positive results.  Sessions usually run 50-55 minutes.
Family Therapy: Family sessions are beneficial for easing communications and getting family members "on the same page" to promote recovery.  The session may include a spouse, significant other, parent, sibling(s), or the entire family.  
Parent Coaching: Parents are given the "tools" to best help their child seek and maintain recovery.  Parents can expect to receive support, resources, and psycho-education about their child's illness. 
Art Therapy: Clients can use art supplies to deeper explore the mind-body-spirit connection and how this relates to food and body image.  This experience is not about being artistic but about the creative process.  Clients do not need ANY artistic ability, just an open mind.  Supplies are provided.

Seminars and Presentations: These may be requested by any educational group for general knowledge about Eating Disorders. Professional continuing education for other healthcare professionals is offered through the Eating Disorder Coalition of Arkansas.